DIY Silver Bracelet Kit
DIY Silver Bracelet Kit
DIY Silver Bracelet Kit
DIY Silver Bracelet Kit
DIY Silver Bracelet Kit
DIY Silver Bracelet Kit
DIY Silver Bracelet Kit
DIY Silver Bracelet Kit

DIY Silver Bracelet Kit

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$5 from every kit sold goes to OZHarvest which can provide 10 meals for people who need it.

Sterling Silver Pearl bracelet DIY jewellery craft Kit.

Learn a new skill, occupy your hands and make something beautiful!

Jewellery making brings me great joy so I am introducing a new product - A do it yourself bracelet.




-CUTTERS (not essential but limits the designs - let me know)

All the pieces are solid sterling silver. This kit allows you to recreate a popular bracelet I sell. I only provide genuine solid sterling findings and chain and natural genuine Pearls. The bracelet is designed to be something you can wear for years with no reactions to the metal.

Provided in the kit is:

-18cm oval strong chain
-Lotus Mandala Charm
-8 x natural white freshwater pearls 7-4mm
-10 x silver wire lengths for the pearls
-1 x clasp and jump ring. (Clasp may vary slightly from the image)

All the tutorials videos for the bracelet

There are many different ways you can make the bracelet, using only a few or all of the pearls in different combinations. Make your own unique piece.

The kit is suitable for beginners and older children, a perfect gift! Or buy the kit and make it as a gift for your mum or friend!

Buy just one kit for $35 or choose to Buy one, gift one for $50.  An additional kit for only $15 you can send to a friend who could do with some happy mail!

If you would like to request a particular colour, just send me a message.

I would love your feedback on how you find the instructions, where you got stuck, any problems you had. Please email me and send a picture of your finished piece!

If you need to buy any of the extra tools required I recommend trying your local bead store, eBay or tool shop. You probably already have cutters and chain nose pliers you can use, they will just be larger if not jewellery specific. For pliers with grips, wrap a piece of masking tape around them to avoid marking the silver and pearls. You can find out some more information about this on the tutorial page.