Amethyst - Birthstone for February


The second in my gemstone series, where I show you some of the beautiful gemstones I have available to be created into a piece especially for you.  

Amethyst is a lovely vibrant rich purple gemstone.  A favourite of purple lovers everywhere!  Available in pale purple to deep purple red. 

Amethyst Gallery 

A selection of the Amethyst gemstones I have in my collection.  All these pieces are available for custom orders and in my standard designs at no extra cost (unless marked).

Triangle cabochon Amethyst pair 7mm.

2mm - 10mm round Amethyst cabochons.

 Oval Amethyst cabochon pair 8x6mm.

Purple Amethyst rectangle striped cabochons 13x20mm.

Purple Amethyst really pops when combined with green Tourmaline.

Asymmetrical triangle Amethyst cabochon 10x12mm.

Marquise faceted Amethysts 16x8mm, 12x6mm pair.

Oval faceted Amethyst 7x5mm.

Fancy carved Amethyst cushion cut 7mm.

Melon carved Amethyst beads.

Chequerboard oval Amethyst bead pair.

Large Amethyst round cabochons, 14mm, 12mm.

Ametrine marquise faceted beads.

Amethyst round faceted beads 3-5mm.

Round Amethyst beads 3-5mm.


-Amethyst is a member of the quartz family. Depending on the impurities present when a gemstone is formed, this causes the colour.  This is why you can get Ametrine - yellow (citrine) and purple (amethyst) combined in one gemstone.  Prasiolite and Citrine are made with Amethyst that has been heated.

-Birthstone for February.

 -Amethyst's hardness is 7 so it can get scratched when exposed to everyday knocks in a ring but is fairly durable.  Store it without rubbing agains other stones.  Try to avoid long exposure to direct sunlight and store it in a dark place to prevent fading.

-The crystal structure is hexagonal so you can sometimes get beautiful stripes of colour in the gemstone.  I love these as it shows the wonder of nature and the uniqueness of each individual gemstone.

-Looks beautiful with Rose gold.

-For colour contrast, combine it with blue green gemstones such as Green Tourmaline.

-High quality Amethyst is abundant and so Amethyst is an affordable gemstone. 

To learn more about the history of Amethyst and it's believed properties, visit the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) website.



Ametrine is a naturally occurring gemstone where the crystal has changed colour during growing.  It is half Citrine (yellow) and half Amethyst (purple).

 This is a beautiful emerald cut Ametrine, $70 12x20mm.



Also known as Green Quartz and Green Amethyst.  This gemstone is Amethyst that has been heated to create this pale leek green colour. (Also the technique to create Citrine, by heat treating Amethyst). Heat treating is a common and accepted treatment of gemstones.  

Chequerboard square mint green Prasiolite 12mm.

 Triangle faceted Mint Green Prasiolite $60 12mm.

10mm round laser cut round Mint Green Prasiolite pair.

Emerald cut Mint Green Prasiolite 12x16mm.

Cushion cut Mint Green Prasiolite 12mm.

Trilliant triangle faceted Mint Green Prasiolite 12mm.

Square Prasiolite chequerboard beads.

Fancy linear faceted oval Prasiolite pair 16x12mm, $40 Pair.


You can see all the Amethyst jewellery I have with by selecting the Amethyst filter in my shop




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