2024 London

We didn't intend to move for a while, but an opportunity to be closer to my family for few a years presented itself!  We will be back to Canberra in a few years!

2022-23 Canberra

2022 we moved back to Canberra and bought a house.  

Handmade Markets

Undercurrent Design Markets

Repair workshop 

Member of Craft ACT

Stockist at Venetia Major Bespoke Jewellery

2019-21 Brisbane

Work moved us again, this time to Brisbane. I was able to get back to a full workshop and custom orders are open again. Also, kids in school means dedicated time for jewellery again, yey! I am looking into ways to help people save the unworn jewellery they have - keep an eye out for announcements!

Member of Craft Victoria

Bristyle market at Brisbane State Library

Finders Keepers Brisbane

Etsy Made Local Brisbane

JMGQ Pop up shop at Artisan

2017 -18 Sydney

After 6 years, we were back! Apartment living in Sydney and two small kids meant I focused on online sales and no custom orders. I focused on planning for where I want my business to go, with some Business Connect mentoring and Tafe small business course.

Handmade Canberra

Etsy made Local Sydney

Member Craft ACT

Stockist Craft ACT

2012-2016 Sri Lanka

After a few months in Delhi, we arrived in Sri Lanka.

Took a Rhino 3d computer design course in Colombo, which enabled me to develop my Mandala and Lotus designs.

Created two children ;)

Continued to sell through the Handmade shop in Canberra.


2011 Gemology

Completed my Diploma of Gemmology.

My gem love just exploded! That and living overseas where I could buy so many unusual stones…

I did quite a few custom orders over emails. I tagged along whenever my partner travelled, ticking off Jaipur, Kerala, Delhi, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

2010 Bangladesh

A job offer came for Bangladesh, we said yes! That was culture shock and the adventure of a lifetime. You cry when you arrive and cry when you leave, we were told and it was true. Crazy, busy Bangladesh will always be in my heart. We got married that summer in Scotland and all the Australian’s embraced wearing kilts!

2009 Canberra

Handmade markets, Canberra.

Stockist, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.

Stockist, Craft ACT.

Member Gold and Silversmiths Guild Australia.

Started studying gemmology, member of Gemological Association of Australia.

Bench Jeweller, Diamond Ring Designs, Canberra.

2007 Australia

I moved to Australia on a working holiday with friends, also to get to know my (ended up being) husband.

Bench jeweller at Underwoods Jewellers, Parramatta, Sydney.

Bench jeweller at McGlades Jewellers in Canberra.

Regular stallholder, Old Bus Depot Markets, Canberra.

2006 Glasgow

Set up my jewellery business and had a shared workshop in Glasgow. Part time bench Jeweller at Robinsons Jewellery, Kirkintilloch.

2006 Gifted, National Museum of Scotland.

2007 Leith Gallery Festival show, Edinburgh.

2008 National Craft and Design fair, Dublin, Ireland.

2005 Graduated

Bachelor of jewellery and metal design (Honours) From Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee University, Scotland.

Exhibited at New Designers in London.


Dundee, Scotland

Born and grew up in Dundee.