How is Sinead Buckney working towards Sustainability?


Sustainability is a much overused word these days. What does sustainability mean for my work and what I stand for?

I believe we all have too much stuff, the current world is overwhelming. We are all turned off from things and looking for meaning in our life. I want you to choose my pieces because you have fallen in love with them and they give you joy. Pieces that tell your story and express who you are.

I strive to make these pieces and design pieces that will last and live to be future heirlooms passed down.

Scraps of silver in jewellers hand

Recycled silver and gold

Precious metal mining is terrible for the environment, never mind the terrible conditions that workers often endure.  However it is one that the jewellery industry is working to improve.

For hundreds of years Jewellers have always kept all the scraps and filings of gold and silver to melt it down and use again. Gold, silver and Platinum jewellery can be reused endlessly to make new pieces. I choose to work in precious metals as they will always be able to be repaired in the future.

It has recently become harder to source 100% recycled precious metals in Australia and the definition is often used loosely.  I will buy recycled where I can and also choose to buy from businesses that are signed up to the Responsible Jewellery Council.

I want to be transparent about this ongoing process, always looking to keep improving my business.  

I collected many gemstones on my travels before I fully considered the impact mining these can cause.  There is no easy solution to this problem.  If you are interested in learning more Ethical Metalsmiths is a wonderful website highlighting many of these issues. I will continue to use these gemstones now I have them and for ongoing purchases buy from traceable sources.  I chose to use many imperfectly beautiful gemstones that may otherwise not have been used.  


Inspecting mandala pendant silver at jewellers workbench

Pieces made to last

I make pieces with lifestyle in mind. I choose settings to protect the gemstones, ring bands that are strong enough to endure daily wear without misshaping and breaking. I use more delicate gemstones in more protected pieces such as earrings and necklaces. I will always be upfront and offer advice on whether a piece suits your lifestyle and how it will wear over time.

Soldering silver rings at jewellers workbench


If you have a piece that no longer fits your style or has broken, you can always return it to me to be repaired or redesigned, into something that you will wear. I don’t want pieces forgotten in jewellery boxes. I am on a mission to rescue unworn jewellery!  You can also trade in old Sinead Buckney items as credit towards new pieces.


Find out more about my journey of making my business as sustainable as possible and advice on simple repairs on my blogs about Sustainability.