Previous collections

Some designs I make for a limited period, either my style moves on or the process I use to make the piece means I can no longer make more.

Elements from them all can be incorporated into my new designs, if something inspires you.  Or just enjoy seeing how my style and skills (and photography!) have evolved over the years!


2005 Pieces from my Degree show at University when I graduated!

My degree show featured colourful textured silicon elements.  the pieces were bold and although I loved the textural element of them, I couldn't get them to be strong enough to endure everyday wear.



My with my degree show collection at New Designers in London.



2006 - 2009 Pebbles collection




2006 - 2009 Etched silver



 2008 - 2014 Chrysanthemum collection



2010 -2018 Infinity knot



2011 - 2016 Paisley collection 



 2013 - 2020 Mandala collection