Wedding and Engagement ring Gallery

Engagement and minimal gemstone rings

If you want something a little different for your ring you will wear the rest of your life, there are so many options, there are no rules!  Read some of my tips below.

70pt Oval cut Diamond in a talon claw setting in 18ct yellow gold with 3mm half round band.  Set as low as possible for a practical ring.

Clients oval Aquamarine talon claw set in 18ct Palladium white gold with a knife edge (triangle) ring band.  This alloy of white gold is a bright grey colour and so doesn't need Rhodium plating.

Peach cushion rectangle Ceylon Sapphire talon claw set in 9ct rose gold with a knife edge band.

Pale pink oval Sapphire bezel set in 9ct white gold, 2mm round band.


Oval peachy pink Sapphire bezel set in 9ct white gold with 2mm round band.

Peach pink Asscher cut Tourmaline talon claw set in 9ct rose gold with a half round band.  Also features stamped message inside.

4mm round blue Sapphire bezel set in Platinum with 2mm round band and brushed finish.


 Green Watermelon Tourmaline rose cut freeform slice set in 9ct yellow gold bezel on hammer textured sterling silver wide band.

14kt white gold oval faceted bezel set purple Sapphire alternative engagement ring with 2mm round band.  This gold has a soft brushed matt finish and shows the natural creamy grey colour of the white gold beautifully.

50pt half carat Asscher cut Diamond bezel set in Platinum with Art Deco stepped shoulders.

Palladium Diamond bezel set ring with Cognac side diamonds and side Celtic Tri knots.

Engagement ring inspired baby the Eiffel Tower where the proposal took place.  Palladium split asymmetrical band and round bezel set Diamond.

Twist shank silver ring open twist bezel set Parti Sapphire.

Pear shaped rose cut Diamond bezel set in wishbone shaped Platinum  tapered rounded band.

Open bezel set round brilliant Diamond in 18ct white gold with tapered shoulders.

Asscher cut Diamond with side Trapezoid Diamonds bezel set in 18ct white gold with flat band.

Clients heart shaped yellow Diamond bezel set in 18ct white gold with 18ct yellow gold split shank ring.

Palladium and 9ct rose gold nest ring with bezel set cognac diamonds.

Clients pink oval Sapphire bezel set in 18ct white gold with split shank shoulders.

Infinity twist Platinum ring flush set with white Sapphires.

Platinum oval Ruby ring with bezel set side Diamonds and split shank.

Clients remodel of original wedding ring, adding two larger Diamonds creating the symbolism of the three children for the smaller diamonds. Open bezel set in 18ct white gold with half round 18ct yellow gold band.

Clients remodel of Diamond ring, in 18ct white gold twist shank with channel set shoulder diamonds.

Emerald cut Diamond bezel set in 18ct white gold with clients inherited gold melted down to make the ring band with stepped shoulder detail.  Brushed finish on the ring band.


Fitted Wedding rings and sets.

18ct white gold square fitted wedding ring with rounded comfort fit inside.


Palladium Diamond engagement ring with matching fitted wedding ring. 


Platinum bridal set - Asscher cut Diamond Art Deco ring and Eternity wedding band bezel set with baguette diamonds.

9ct rose gold fitted Lotus sun ring with clients Moonstone engagement ring.

Wishbone v shaped fitted wedding ring worn to frame the engagement ring.

Platinum fitted bridal set in nested position with engagement ring.

18ct yellow gold wishbone fitted wedding carved claw set with Diamonds.

Flat high fitted handmade wedding ring in 18ct white gold.

Tapered square curve fitted wedding ring.


Diamonds are the most common gemstone used for Engagement rings.  It's a good choice as it's one of the most hard wearing gemstones and it's colourless so matches everything.  It's also super sparkly!  

It is also a very controlled market and so prices quickly get expensive for diamonds over 1ct.  It's a tricky topic deciding if mined Diamonds are better than created for the enviroment.  There are lots of options - like fair-mined and antique diamonds.  I am very happy to chat with you about what might be the best option for you and your values.

If you want something a little different for your ring you will wear the rest of your life, there are so many options!

It's good to choose platinum or gold over silver as they are much more hard wearing.  Silver will wear out in a few years and need replacing (unless it's a very solid chunky setting).  

The most hard wearing gemstones after Diamonds are Sapphires (which come in all the colours of the rainbow) and Rubies.  All other gemstones will eventually get scratched when you wear them everyday but if you are careful and clever with the design you can have an engagement ring with a softer gemstone.

Claw settings do wear down over time and may need to be replaced after 10-20 years.  Super fine settings and small diamonds are likely to get damaged and gems fall out.

Engagement rings are a wonderful way to use a family heirloom diamond or create a ring that has symbolic meaning for you both.

These days it is much more common for couples to work together to design their engagement rings.  I like this as it means you really know they will love their ring and you create those special memories of designing it together.  If you want to surprise them you can always present them with a stone and design the ring together later.

Combined engagement and wedding rings in one is a great option for the minimalists or if you want to keep it simple or you know you are rough on your rings.  It's a great idea to think about the wedding ring at the same time as doing the engagement ring so you can make a pair of rings that go beautifully together.

There are no rules, this is your chance to get a beautiful ring you adore and will wear forever!  


Minimal unisex Wedding rings

7 band Russian wedding ring, featuring 7 metals - Platinum, Palladium, Silver, White gold, Yellow gold, Green gold and Rose gold.

V shaped wishbone fitted wedding ring in Platinum.


Flush set 5 cognac and white Diamond Palladium wedding band soft rounded flat.

His and hers matching wedding rings in Palladium, hand carved with infinity symbol.  The design was also inspired by the Maori Pikorua symbol.

Hand carved Palladium wedding ring with infinity symbol inspired by the Maori Pikorua symbol and Celtic knots, both meaningful to the owners. 

18ct white gold flat wedding band flush set with 6 princess cut diamonds.

18ct two tone white and yellow gold wedding ring.  Flat sides with thinner curved yellow gold edge.

Elegantly simple 3mm thick round wire 9ct white gold matching wedding rings.

Platinum eternity band bezel set with baguette diamonds.

18ct two tone matching couple wedding rings.  Yellow gold and white gold.  The wider ring with a curved yellow band and the narrower ring with mainly white and one side yellow gold.  Flat profile 4mm and 6mm wide.

18ct two tone Wedding ring.  Yellow gold outside with white gold inside.  Carved curved line reveals the hidden white gold colour.  Soft curved flat profile inside and out.

18ct matching wedding rings - two tone - the wider one white gold outside with yellow gold inside and carved groove revealing inside gold colour.  The narrower ring is yellow gold on the outside and white on the inside.

18ct rose gold solid weighty couple wedding rings.  6mm wide with half round outer and comfort fitted polished inside.  Outside is a beautiful rough rocky texture.

Couple matching wedding rings.  9ct white gold half round bands 3mm and 4mm.  No rhodium plating, the natural white gold colour so no yearly plating or changes of colour over time.

His and hers Platinum wedding rings.  Her ring 2mm wide with a soft flattened design, replicating her grandmother's old ring.  His a classic 6mm wide soft rounded flat profile.  Both engraved with the coordinates of the wedding.

9ct rose gold narrow 2mm half round wedding ring.

Platinum minimal twist wire ring.

Infinity twist Platinum ring flush set with white Sapphires.

4mm wide platinum rounded edges wedding ring with slight cut out for engagement ring.

Platinum classic men's wedding ring 6mm wide, soft rounded flat profile with flat inside.  Hand engraved with the coordinates of the wedding.

Brushed 18ct yellow gold soft rounded 6mm wide wedding ring.

Palladium 6mm wide flat rounded edge satin finish wedding ring.

8mm wide flat Platinum brushed finish wedding ring with comfort fit inside.

9ct White gold 6mm wide rounded edges flat wedding ring with brushed finish.

9ct white gold with offset 9ct rose gold stripe.  6mm wide rounded with brushed finish.  This ring I handmade but I no longer make these by hand as I found the join always had imperfections so now recommend machined rings for this style.

Titanium wedding ring with inlaid yellow gold stripe and brushed finish.  I do not have facilities to hand make titanium rings, these are machine made from a supplier.

Titanium wedding ring with hand engraved curved line.  I do not have facilities to hand make titanium rings, these are machine made from a supplier.