I believe in buying less, buying quality pieces you love and looking after what you have.

My jewellery is designed to suit your lifestyle, be durable, comfortable and last for years.

I studied my jewellery design degree in my home country of Scotland, setting up my business designing and making jewellery in 2005.  I studied Gemmology in 2010 which ignited my passion for the beautiful unusual and natural gemstones I was able to collect on my travels.

My business gives me the freedom to follow my husband where his work takes us and be flexible with work to be there for my two boys.  We have just moved temporarily to London for a few years (then we will return to Canberra).  We couldn't pass on the chance to be closer to my family for a few years. Our travels have taken us to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Brisbane and Sydney.  I have many loyal customers from Australia and all over the world!

My intricate linear designs show the influences of my Scottish upbringing and time living in Asia.

You can see more of the design process and how pieces are made on my blog in the Design section.

Jewellery is for expressing ourselves, telling our stories, and remembering special moments. 

I love to create meaningful future heirlooms.

You can send me your own gems and gold to create a custom piece, giving new life to an unworn and sentimental item.

You can always return an item to be checked, cleaned, resized or even redesigned! 

I only use precious materials as they can be endlessly recycled, are hypoallergenic and can easily be repaired.

I create easy to maintain pieces and provide information on caring for your items.

Repairing what we have and giving new life to unworn pieces is a passion of mine. 

Repairing and maintaining our possessions is a way of life we forget these days especially when it is often easier to replace an item.  But what happens to the broken item?  

I am always happy to offer advice, get in touch to ask about what items best suit your lifestyle, tips about how to repairing items and the pros and cons of different designs.

Find some advice on repairing your own jewellery on my blog in the Sustainability section.

Everything is designed and made by me in my workshop in London.

My packaging is designed to be minimal, reusable and recyclable.  I use tin boxes that can be kept for storage and handmade beautiful sari silk pouches to safely store the jewellery.  In my workshop I use environmentally safe chemicals and reuse all scraps and off cuts of metal.  I use recycled paper for my business cards and fliers, plastic free packaging for postage, and reuse packaging - I encourage you to continue the cycle - it is always better to reuse before recycling!