How custom works

Thinking about having something made?

I always start with lots of questions to work out what you want and need!


You can see examples of previous work I have done in the galleries.  


What would you like made? 

A ring, necklace, cufflinks, bracelet or other?

Do you want to match or compliment something you have? 

Are you wanting to surprise your partner with an engagement ring?

Are you looking for a wedding ring to fit your engagement ring?


Do you have a sentimental piece of jewellery you would like to use?

We can use the gemstones from it, melt the gold or take inspiration for the design from it. Or just repair and resize the piece you have!  

What metal do you want you piece made from? 


Do you have gemstones you would like to use? 

You can also use a gemstone from my collection.

Or would you like me to source you a stone, your birthstone, your favourite colour or one of my unusual collection?

Is there a significant number you could use in the design?


Is this piece for a special occasion? 

Does it have sentimental value?  

Is it to remember a loved one?

Do you have a place that has significance to you and the piece – a holiday, where you met, a secret message?


What shapes do you like?  Do you like symmetry? Organic? Classical? Simplistic? Chunky? Delicate?


It is a good idea to collect pictures of things you like, look on the internet, gather images of anything you like, not just jewellery!


What is your budget?  We can use less expensive stones / metal and simplify the design to create something you can afford.

Also consider your job and when you will wear the ring - do you do a lot of outdoor activities? Do you work with your hands? Will it need to be cleaned regularly?


The design process

We can do all of these processes over email, in person or over video chats. I have worked with many people in the past over email so no problems if you are not in Canberra!

I will gather all this information from you then use it to draw design ideas. 

You can let me know the sketches you are drawn to, what you like about each one.  Then I can further develop one idea or combine a few.

I can also show you gemstones options and the different prices of each.

I can often put together pieces roughly placing the gemstones and take a picture so you can get a 3d idea of the design on the body. It can be very hard to visualise from a sketch.

 Once we have decided on a design I can work out an exact quote.

There is no obligation at this point to proceed, and you are welcome to take time to decide.


Going ahead

If you are happy with the design and want to go ahead, then we can get started!  

You can pay a deposit and pay in instalments or pay the full amount upon collection.

I will give you an idea of how long your piece will take, depending on if we need to order anything and what else is in my schedule.

I will keep in touch at various stages of the process to update you and send images of the progress. We can still tweak the design if we decide it would look better with different gemstones or slight adjustments.


The finished piece!

I can post the item to you insured and tracked or meet you to deliver the item.

I want you to love your new jewellery and wear it often.

If you try it and realise it is not quite the right size, or the design is not practical for you to wear, I will work with you to resolve the issue. Sometimes you don’t know all the factors of what you want and need beforehand. You might not be used to wearing a ring and need to adjust to wearing one to work out the perfect fit.

I can re-polish your piece for free at any time and repair any faults at no charge.