Aquamarine - Birthstone for March



Aquamarine is a beautiful pale blue to sea green colour gemstone.

The birthstone for March is Aquamarine.

All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked.

8mm curved triangle faceted green blue Aquamarine pair.

8x7mm curved asymmetrical trilliant cut faceted pale Aquamarine $60.

12x10mm triangle faceted Aquamarine $90.

12-7mm assorted marquise faceted Aquamarines, blue and green.

9x6mm pear shaped faceted green aquamarine $40.

7x4mm oval faceted Aquamarine.

8x6mm blue oval faceted Aquamarine pair.

8x6mm oval faceted green Aquamarine pair.

9x7mm oval faceted Aquamarine $50.

7x5mm emerald cut green blue Aquamarine.

10x5mm rectangle faceted blue Aquamarine $80.

7x6mm trapeze faceted green blue Aquamarine.

7mm cushion square cabochon Aquamarine milky blue pair.

10mm round cabochon opaque green Aquamarine.

11x8mm opaque blue pear cabochon Aquamarine.

Assorted square & rectangle blue green milky Aquamarines 7-12mm.

4/5mm round Aquamarine cabochons pale, mint, blue and green.

 Assorted oval cabochon Aquamarines milky light blue, blue, green blue. 8mm-13mm.

Rose cut freeform opaque green blue Aquamarines, 13-26mm.

Marquise shaped cabochon Aquamarines, opaque blue and pale blue.

Triangular assorted Aquamarine cabochons.

Small faceted multicolour beryl, and assorted Aquamarine beads.

Faceted roundel beryl beads and freeform faceted Aquamarine beads.

Beryl flat sliced beads graduated with pink, yellow, blue and green. 


The quality and colour most sought after for Aquamarine is a strong clear aqua blue.  I love the many variations such as opaque milky colours and particularly the greenish blue colours (That's why I have quite a few available!). You should always choose the colour you are drawn to the most!

Aquamarine is a specific colour of the Beryl mineral.  

Grass green beryl is Emerald and Pink beryl is Morganite.  Light green is simply green Beryl, you can also get yellow Beryl.  You can see where there is overlap between these gemstones!  

Hardness 7.5 - 8 making it quite durable for jewellery.

Find out more about Aquamarines on the GIA website (Gemological Association of America).


You can see all the variations of Aquamarines I have in my shop by selecting the Aquamarine filter.



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