Book review: Buying Gemstones and Jewellery Worldwide


I recently found out about the Gemstone Detective book series and thought they were such a wonderful idea.  


Buying Gemstones and Jewellery Worldwide

by Kim Rix

I bought many gemstones during my time living and travelling in India, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.  It is such a wonderful opportunity to collect and see such a variety of gemstones in person.  Being a jeweller and also a Gemologist helped me when buying, but what can you do if you want to buy some gemstones while you are travelling?

I would recommend this book as essential for anyone travelling to Gem producing areas that is interested in buying some gemstones and jewellery!  


The advice is easy to understand with sensible and practical tips.  This book gives you the confidence to buy a beautiful souvenir of your travels.

This book is great for anyone interesting in learning more about jewellery and gemstones, not just people travelling overseas.  

The information provided in the book helps you to explain and understand what you want.  It is easy to dip in and out of - just to look up an aspect you are interested in. 

I love the sections on scams, I have seen so many of these!  


The book is small and light but covers many different things, such as:

Interesting pictures of Gemstones, Gemstone mines and clear diagrams.

Gem hardness

The four C's - colour, clarity, cut and carat

Information on the most common gemstones

Explanations of optical effects in gemstones

Different precious Metals

Where to buy Gemstones

What effects the price

Ethics of mined Gemstones

Scams and Fakes

Misleading names

Gemstone certificates

Diamond colours and cuts

Bringing gems back through Customs

Caring for your jewellery


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