Diamond - Birthstone for April




The birthstone for April is Diamond.

All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked.  Prices and weights are approximate. These are just a selection - I have other similar Diamonds available, just ask.

Triangular shaped rose cut white Diamond 6x5mm $340 0.40ct.

Marquise rose cut white Diamond 7x4mm 0.40ct $360.

 Pear shaped white diamond rose cut 5x4mm $220 0.45ct.

 Silver Diamond rose cut freeform 7x5mm 0.70ct $140.

 Rose cut freeform honey Diamond 6x4mm 0.65ct $110.

Triangular Cognac rose cut diamond $90 6mm 0.55ct.

 Rough pear shaped rose cut cognac Diamond 6mm 0.75ct $110.

Heart shaped cognac diamond slice 0.6ct 8x6mm $120.

Honey peach rose cut Diamond freeform 7mm 1.15ct $170.

Cognac rose cut freeform Diamond pair 0.75ct 5mm $120 pair.

Pale yellow triangular rose cut diamond 4mm 0.3ct $200 pair.

Champagne rose cut freeform diamond pair 4x3mm $100 pair.

Black and Grey diamond faceted graduated beads 2-4mm.

Cleaved (halved) Diamond crystal cubes- pyramids 2mm $25 each.

Marquise shaped rose cut white diamond 0.46ct 8x5mm visible inclusion.

Yellow, greenish and red brown assorted rose cut diamonds 2-4mm. 

Assorted round rose cut grey silver and white diamonds 2-3mm.

Diamond rough crystal cubes assorted grey, yellow, black 3-4mm $20 each.



Diamonds are one of the most popular and well known gemstones, especially for engagement rings.  

They have a high dispersion (reflection and splitting light into a rainbow) which makes them beautifully sparkly, with flashes of all the colours in the rainbow.  Modern faceted cuts are calculated precisely to maximise this reflection and sparkle.  

If you want to find out more about Diamonds, visit the GIA website (Gemological Institute of America).  You can learn about the different cuts and how diamonds are colour graded here.

I love unusual and interesting diamonds. My collection mainly consists of rose cut diamonds.  Rose cuts are an old style of cut which is often flat on the back and domed on top. These have become increasingly popular recently.  


Colourless (white) to champagne, to chocolate brown.  Shades of yellow and greenish, silver and grey.  Blue Diamonds are very rare naturally and are often created by irradiating other diamonds.  The Argyle mine which recently closed in Australia was the main source for pink Diamonds (a highly sought after expensive gemstone!) (Pink Sapphire is an affordable alternative.)

Diamonds are formed from carbon under immense pressure.  Black diamonds are so heavily included they appear black!

Salt and Pepper diamonds is the name given to diamonds with many black carbon inclusions, these have a wonderful character.

Diamond crystals grow in Octahedrons and cube shapes - as you can see from some of the examples in my photographs.


Find all my available designs with Diamonds by selecting the Diamond filter in my shop.

Larger sized Black and cognac rose cuts have been really popular and I am running low on stock - I doubt I will be able to get new ones for similar prices.  

My small gold starburst diamond earrings have all sold out too - I am not sure if I will make them again at this point. (If you are interested let me know, I might make more if there is enough interest.)

















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