Easy redesign on a pair of silver Green Amethyst earrings

Green amethyst drop silver earrings before.

Do you have a pair of earrings you like, but just never wear?

This is a simple revamp option of adding some lotus petal details to upgrade the earrings from standard to special!

You can easily do this with tools you may already have in the house and buy the silver findings in a bead shop. I use only precious metals as they don’t react with the skin and can be endlessly reused. To check what your original earrings are made from, look for a tiny “925” stamp to confirm they are sterling silver.

If the old ear hooks are soldered closed, cut them off with cutters.

Attaching the Lotus detail with a silver jump ring.

You can do this with any pliers you might have in the house, but jewellers pliers taper to a fine point and are smooth so they don’t mark the metal. If you use other pliers, you can always protect the silver by covering the pliers with masking tape. A larger jump ring is easier to handle. You need to hold securely one side and twist and push together with the other. See my video of this for a more detailed description of closing jump rings while keeping them circular.

Attaching a silver ear hook to the new Lotus feature of the earring.

Use the same technique to attach the ear hooks. You may also choose to reuse the hooks you had or change to your preference, such as screw ons or studs.

The finished upgraded and very simply redesigned earrings!

If you would like to use some of my Lotus petal charms or have me help you make the pieces come along to one of my jewellery repair cafes. Or if you want me to do it all, get in touch! I can also provide many beads that can be used as the gem drops and have solid gold earrings and Lotus charms too. See my earrings section to view the dangle earrings I currently have in stock.

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