Garnet - Birthstone for January


The first in my Gemstone Series is Garnet, the birthstone for January.

Rhodolite and Pyrope Garnets

All these gemstones are available for custom designs for a standard price unless marked.

3mm and 6mm ($60 each) Rhodolite round faceted Garnets.

Triangular chequerboard faceted cut Rhodolite Garnet pair.


Rectangle faceted Rhodolite Garnet 4x6mm.

Rose cut Garnet cushion cut pair 10mm.

Rose cut flat Garnet 11x12mm.

Rose cut pear shaped Garnet pair 14x6mm.

Fancy carved flower Garnets.

African colour changing Garnet - green blue to purple 3x5mm $50.

Oval rose cut Garnet pair 16x7mm.

Square pyramid cabochon Garnets pair 8mm.

Assorted round cabochon Garnets 10, 6 and 4mm.

Sphere Garnet balls 2 and 3mm.

Round garnet 2 and 3mm beads, flat circle and rectangle beads.

Flat marquise, hexagon, oval and hexagon tube Garnet beads.

Faceted Garnet beads 3mm and 4mm.


Garnet is most commonly know for it's rich burgandy red.  Garnet is available in a few different colours - some beautiful unusual colours.

Pyrope (the most commonly seen for Garnet) - Burgundy brown red.

Rhodolite - Purple raspberry red.

Demantiod - Grass green (to rival Emerald and much more stable.)

Hessonite - Yellowish orange.

Spessartine - Bright mandarin orange to dark orange.

I love Garnet paired with yellow gold or oxidised darkened silver for a dramatic look.  It is 6.5 to 7.5 hardness so can be scratched from everyday wear in a ring.  As always, store it away from scratching with other jewellery.

A natural perfectly shaped Garnet crystal - it grows in a Rhombic Dodecahedron shape, so cool!


Hessonite and Spessartine Garnet

I have tried my best to represent the colour as real to life as possible but it does not truly capture the stunning colour in many of these gemstones.  Let me know if you would like me to send you a video.  These Garnets are not commonly found.  Whenever I came across them in Sri Lanka (where they can be found), I snatched them up!

Faceted rectangle light orange Hessonite Garnet 10x11mm $40.

Oval faceted light Tangerine Hessonite Garnet 10x8mm $90 pair.


Pale orange Hessonite Garnet faceted ovals 6x5mm.

Rounded square assorted Hessonite Garnets, light orange 13x12mm+

Rich mandarin orange oval cabochon Spessartine Garnet pair.

Spessartine Garnet cabochons, oval and round vivid orange, 4-10mm.

Assorted round faceted mandarin orange Garnets 4-5mm.

Vivid Mandarin Garnet oval faceted pair, 6x4mm $80 pair. 

Hessonite Garnet warm orange faceted triangle 11x10mm $40.


Demantiod Garnet

2mm round faceted grass green Demantiod Garnets.



To learn more about the different Garnets and the history of the gemstone, the GIA (Gemological Association of America) has some great articles. 


Find all the different Garnet pieces in my shop by selecting the Garnet filter.


Garnet birthstone pendant








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