Green Heart Fair at Chermside

The next market you can find me at in Brisbane is the Green Heart Fair!

Green Heart Fair

7th Brigade Park, Chermside

Sunday 2nd June

9am - 2pm

I am looking forward to meeting and learning from others passionate about caring for our planet!

Reducing my impact on the earth is a passion of mine. I am always trying to improve in my home life and in my business. Every little thing makes a difference and small steps over time build up. Sometimes it is overwhelming and feels like it’s not making a difference but everyday new solutions are popping up and big businesses are realising it’s what consumers want.


I am on a mission to rescue your unworn jewellery!

Come chat with me on the day about repairing your jewellery, or altering pieces that are not quite your style anymore but are still sentimental to you. Bring me gemstones you have collected on your travels to discuss design possibilities. Talk with me about heirloom pieces you have inherited but are just not your style and we can come up with ideas of how to redesign them using the metal and stones into something you will wear.

I can also give you tips on caring for and looking after your jewellery, and offer advice on what to look for in a piece of jewellery - to buy something that lasts and suits your lifestyle.


You are welcome to get in touch before hand, if the repair is simple I may be able to bring along items to do a simple alteration on the day.


It’s a Family friendly event and there are lots of activities going on during the day - checkout the Green Heart Facebook page for more information. Click that you are attending on their facebook page to help spread the word about the fair and receive updates. They are also giving away free plants on the day!

The Handmade market is organised by the brilliant Bristyle who organised the beautiful market at the Brisbane State Library I attended.

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