Help me raise money for Sri Lanka

I have decided to donate 30% of all sales during May to the Sri Lankan Red Cross

I hope you can help me to raise some money!

The Easter attacks in Sri Lanka completely threw me.  I had a great heaviness on my heart and had to stop reading about it while I processed it all.

We lived in Colombo for four years and loved it.  My boys grew up there from babies.  We visited all the hotels regularly for lunches.  I never felt unsafe there.  The people of Sri Lanka are beautiful warm friendly people.  In Colombo people of all religions work together on a daily basis.  The country is still recovering from a horrific war and the economy was slowly recovering with tourism flourishing.  This could have happened anywhere, I am sad that we live in a world where this is the case.

I owe so much to Sri Lanka and wanted to help by personally donating to help the recovery.  I realised I have the potential to donate more by donating a portion of my sales!

So for the month of May I am donating 30% of all sales towards the Red Cross Sri Lanka.

This applies to all in stock items (not made to order items).  So if you have been thinking of getting a piece - you can know that you are helping Sri Lankans.

You can browse most of my items in my shop, and if you are interested in the last few silver Eternity Knot or Chrysanthemum pieces you can find them on my Etsy shop.  My Etsy shop currently has everything.

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