How do I fix a broken ring on jewellery?

Do you have a necklace that you caught on something and it broke?  Chances are you can easily fix your broken jewellery yourself.

One of the easiest and most common fixes I come across on jewellery is a jump ring that has been pulled open.  In silver and gold jewellery these are often soldered closed making a permanent join.  But especially on plated and fashion jewellery they are often just closed.  Luckily this is very easy to fix.

I made my first video where I talk (go easy on me!) and explain how you can use pliers to close the ring again and fix your broken jewellery.

Not every open ring will be the same, so if you get stuck, get in touch and I can give you other pointers on how to fix it. Some rings are designed to overlap –  for this you can apply the same technique, just the ends will overlap rather than meet.  If your ring is not meeting up in a circle anymore, the jump ring needs to be reshaped.  Sometimes a simple squeeze can fix this, but other times it has been completely pulled out of shape.  To fix this best, you would need other jewellery round nosed pliers.  Or buy some new jump rings at a bead shop and start fresh.

Whatever you do, don’t throw the jewellery away!  Let me know how you get on.  Now is your chance to rescue all those broken pieces from deep in your jewellery box and give them a new life.

If all of this sounds far too hands on for you, just bring your piece to your local jeweller who should be able to help and fix it up in a few minutes.

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