Included Quartz gemstones

Included Quartz gemstones

Quartz comes in so many varieties!  As it is a clear gemstone, it has many types of beautiful inclusions.  Here are some I have in my collection.  It's quite a soft gemstone and so best for more protected jewellery.

Other quartz varieties: Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Tigers eye, and Chalcedony, Agate, Petrified wood, Chrysoprase, Carnelian and Jasper.

You can buy the gemstones loose, or talk to me about making a piece for it.

Strawberry Quartz

Named after the speckled red inclusions present in the quartz.

Strawberry Quartz oval cabochon 12x10mm, $24.
Strawberry Quartz oval cabochon 19x13mm, $24.
Strawberry Quartz round cabochon.

Phantom Quartz

This piece has the hollow shape of a quartz crystal.

Rectangle faceted Phantom Quartz, 21x15mm, $60.

Pyrite Quartz

Pyrite inclusions made wonderful metallic square inclusions.

Emerald cut Pyrite Quartz with rusty inclusions. 15x11mm, $40.

Square faceted pyrite included Quartz.  Fine silvery powder inclusions.  15x16mm, $40.

Square faceted pyrite included Quartz with square inclusions, 21x21mm, $40.

Faceted emerald shape Pyrite included Quartz, 15x11mm, $40.

Pyrite included Quartz faceted barrel shape, swirly cloud like inclusions 20x20mm.  $40.

Beautiful delicate silvery pyrite in Quartz in a faceted emerald shape. 19x14mm. $40.

Oval faceted Pyrite Quartz with square inclusions, 12x16mm, $40.

Rhombus faceted Pyrite Quartz with lily pad shaped inclusions. 13x11mm, $40.

Rectangle faceted tablet Pyrite included Quartz.

Rutile Quartz

Golden strands of rutile inclusions

Rutile Quartz rectangle cabochon 21x14mm, $40.


Rutile Quartz rectangle cabochon 17x13mm, $40.

Rutile Quartz rectangle cabochon 18x9mm, $28.

Rutile Quartz faceted freeform 15x7mm, $50.

Rutile Quartz triangle cabochon 24x21mm, $50


Moss Agate

Dentric Chrome inclusions that look like the stone has Moss inside.

 Moss Agate oval cabochon, 12x16mm, $20.

Tourmilated Quartz

Black needle inclusions of Tourmaline become beautiful pencil like lines in clear quartz.

Marquise cabochon Tourmalated Quartz, 28x12mm, $60.

Tourmalated Quartz oval cabochons 11x9mm, $20. Smaller also available.

Assorted Tourmalated Quartz round cabochons 16, 11, 9, 6mm, $10+

Marquise shaped cabochon Tourmalated Quartz, 16x9mm, $24.

Tourmalated Quartz cabochon rectangle 27x20mm, $90.

Tourmalated Quartz rectangle cabochon 18x18mm, $60.

Tourmilated Quartz rectangle cabochon, 20x9mm, $60.

Tourmalated Quartz cabochon rectangle 26x33mm, $90.

Tourmalated Quartz faceted rectangle 18x8mm, $60.

Tourmalated Quartz faceted rectangle 28x10mm, $40.

Tourmalated Quartz faceted freeform kite 17x11mm, $40.

Tourmalated Quartz faceted rectangle 22x11mm, $60.

Faceted round Tourmalated Quartz beads - 4mm, 5mm, 6mm.

Large freeform faceted Tourmalated Quartz beads.

Faceted drop freeform Tourmalated Quartz beads.

Flat small square Tourmalated Quartz beads.

Assorted marquise and pear shaped Tourmalated Quartz cabochons.



See examples of finished included quartz pieces on my website, most are one of a kind but I can make something similar.
Tourmalated Quartz textured silver drop earrings.
Tourmalated Quartz statement silver claw pendant.
Tourmalated Quartz 6mm cabochon bezel set silver studs.
Nest textured silver oxidised ring with oval Tourmalated Quartz.



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