Is my chain strong enough?

One of my pet hates is thin flimsy and weak chains.  You can have a fine chain that is still strong, you just need to choose the right kind.  I always use strong and durable chains in my work so you can be sure that your necklace will not break easily if you accidentally catch it on something. (If you catch it on something dangerous, you do want it to break rather than damage your neck!  But it is usually the clasp that is designed to do this, and not from accidentally catching it while removing your jumper!)

This is not the most highly polished video as I still learn and improve!  I did think about trying to record it again but then my reaction would be the same 😂😂. This an old chain I had to find in my supplies after I found I couldn’t break any of my chains I use for my designs.  Pretty happy with that!

Especially with gold necklaces, do not opt for the cheaper chain to save money.  Opt for gold fill or plated and save up for a good solid gold chain.  You can use the same one for all your pendants if you get one with a small end catch.  Use your intuition - if you think you could probably break it just by pulling - it’s impractical!  You should be able to easily see the individual links and chain styles with round links will wear more evenly and are easier to repair.

You can see in the top image the difference between the chains that stretched rather than broke like the top chain.

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