Just a card week

Next week is Just a card week.  Have you heard about the Just a card campaign by Sarah Hamilton?  It’s a great campaign based in the UK reminding people that every little purchase makes a difference to small businesses.  I make a point now when I find a lovely shop of trying to buy one thing, I am guilty of visiting many Independent shops and businesses but not actually buying anything!

I am making a conscious effort to “vote with my dollar” and spend my money at Independent shops, buy locally and buy from makers where I can.  It takes a little more effort and planning but it is so lovely to know I am helping other people continue to their passion.

Just a card week coincides with Black Friday and reminds us all to #shopindependent and not get swept up in the crazy mayhem that goes with the biggest retail weekend of the year!  Many independent makers do not have the profit margins to compete with the heavy discounts big retailers offer.  By all means take advantage of the great prices if it was something you were planning on buying!

I am planning to take part in the Instagram challenge and it’s a great hashtag to follow to find out about other brilliant small businesses! #justacard

You can also support the campaign by buying something from their shop.

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