Labradorite - a magical gemstone!

Labradorite is one of my favourite gemstones - I just love the magical way it interacts with the light to give flashes of blue, green or gold.
Labradorite is quite a soft gemstone, with a hardness of 6-6.5.  That means it can get scratched by dust so you need to take great care of it if it's in a ring.  It is very easy for it to crack along the two cleavage plains due to the crystal structure so you need to be careful of knocking Labradorite too.
The play of light effect is called Labradoresence (a kind of iridescence) and is due to the way light is reflected off the crystal structure.  It usually has a grey /translucent base colour and the flashes of colour are blues, greens, purple and gold.

Assorted square and rectangle Labradorite cabochons 12mm to 8mm.

Large square Labradorite cabochon with stripe inclusions and beautiful gold flash, 18x20mm.

Assorted larger square and rectangle Labradorite cabochons. 30mm, 20mm, 20x14mm and 23x13mm.

Barrel shaped Labradorite cabochons, 30x11mm and 20x14mm.

Dark blue flash rounded rectangle Labradorite cabochon, 25x13mm.

Rose cut freeform assorted Labradorite cabochons, 26mm to 13mm.

Large green flash Labradorite cabochon, 24mm.

Assorted large oval Labradorite cabochons, 35x22, 28x18mm and 17x25mm.

Large dome Labradorite cabochon with green flash, 28x16mm.

Rounded asymmetrical triangle Labradorite cabochons, 20x15mm and 18x20mm.

Large triangle Labradorite cabochon with green flash.


 Oval faceted Labradorite.

Assorted marquise Labradorite cabochons, 20x8mm to 10x5mm.

Large assorted Labradorite cabochons, 38x16mm to 25x9mm.


Small flat square Labradorite bead strand, 5mm.

Faceted Labradorite disc bead strand, 3x6mm.


Rounded flat Labradorite 6mm disc bead strands.

Rectangle long 8x3mm Labradorite bead strand.

Square twisted Labradorite bead strand, 8x6mm.

Roundel Labradorite bead strands in assorted sizes 11mm -4mm.

Faceted flat oval Labradorite bead strands 5mm-12mm.

Labradorite freeform faced flat oval bead strand 22-10mm.

Labradorite faceted freeform bead strand 24mm-12mm.

Labradorite silver statement ring (this item is sold, similar piece made to order)
Labradorite silver statement ring (this item is sold, similar piece made to order)
Labradorite Lotus drop studs.
Limited edition Labradorite smooth oval bead open circle long necklace.
Labradorite marquise silver Lotus fitted triple ring set.
Marquise cabochon Labradorite sterling silver Lotus pendant.
Labradorite peacock feather silver necklace. 

 Labradorite marquise silver Lotus horizontal ring.

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