Moving to Brisbane

I have packed up my tools, everything is in storage because in January, we are moving to Brisbane!

We are very excited to explore a new city and have a little bit more space than our apartment. We are hoping to find a place with some garden and a space I can call my own for my workshop! This means I will be able to do all my regular commission work again. I already have a few jobs pencilled in.

It’s a big year with my eldest off to school which means I can also claw a little bit more me time back for work. 

I can’t wait to suss out the Brisbane markets and get to work on finding fellow creatives to talk small business!

We are really sad to leave Sydney and our suburb of Newington which has been the most amazing place for us and the kids the last few years. We love the parks, community and the many friends we have made in the area!

This means I am unable to do any adjustments such as customised pieces and resizes until late January. But I do have all my current stock listed on my Etsy Shop and it’s all ready to ship!

Let me know any tips you have about Brisbane, great markets, places to visit and places to live!

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