Necklace Lengths

40cm, 45cm and 80cm lengths of box chain.


I offer several options of necklace lengths for all of my pieces.  Every necklace can be adjusted to the right length just for you.

The most common chain lengths offered are 16″ (40cm) and 18″(45cm).  16 inches is common with younger people and those who prefer a slightly shorter necklace.  18 inches is longer and will sit over some necklines.

Measure the length of your favourite chain to find out what you prefer.  People with small necks and who like to wear pendants much higher on the neck may prefer a shorter length such as 36cm.  I can easily do this for you.  This is a great option if you like to layer several necklaces and want them all to sit at different heights.

A 20″ or 50cm chain is also a popular choice for people who like a little longer, often sitting down over the neckline of clothes.  I have chain in stock so can easily make the exact length you need to order.

One way I love to wear necklaces, especially over higher necklines is with a long necklace that sits just at chest level, 80cm (31″).  This is available as an upgrade on my bird necklaces

I tend to use box chain for many of my necklaces as I love the look of it and it is very durable.  I always have many different chains in stock so get in touch if you have a different style in mind.

43cm and 45cm cable wire necklace.


Another necklace style I use in many of my designs are the sterling silver cable wire chokers. I have these is 42cm, 45cm and 50cm.  These are several thinner wires twisted together to give a flexible wire that holds its shape well.  I have tried several variations of these neck wires and choose these for their strength and ability to hold their shape over other styles.  The clasp on these is a twist bayonet which once you are used to is much easier that a clasp to do on yourself without being able to see! This clasp is also less noticeable if it slips around to the front, and is slim enough to easily interchange with your other pendants for a different look.

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