Repair your jewellery for free

Life has been turned upside down for lots of us.  
I work from home so right now it just feels a bit like an extra long school holiday!

I want to be able to bring some joy if you are having a tough time right now.

Send me a picture of your broken jewellery and I will either talk you through how to repair it yourself, or you can send it to me and I can repair it for you for free.
I will be able to tell you what is involved in the repair and advise what I think is the best solution as best as I can over email.
Costume jewellery is often a very easy fix - get your jewellery back to being worn again!  
Pieces can be posted to me as a large envelope for $2.10 using Australia Post.  For larger pieces and more valuable items you might like to send them via Express Post.

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