Reusable Packaging

Lots of thought goes into my packaging.  I need it to be protective, beautiful, light and most important - reusable.  

My current card matchbox style boxes are easily recycled.  The pouch inside is perfect for reusing afterwards to store the jewellery safely for travel and prevent it being scratched by other items.

I had these boxes made while I was living in Sri Lanka and the pouches are made from Bangladesh sari silk.  I especially love the Lotus petal closure.

For my Lotus Charm Birthstone collection these come on a handmade paper card with information about the birthstone. This then goes in a beautiful silk paper envelope I had made in Bangladesh. This makes it ideal for gifting.  They are packaged flat for easy shipping.  


For larger pieces such as statement necklaces I have tin boxes.   I love these tins as you can easily remove the foam and use them to store all manner of things.  They are embossed with my hallmark, SB.  

Sadly the company I used for these is no longer operating and I am still looking for alternatives to these. These are the only sizes left of my first packaging I had made back when I started business in 2005. 

For my postage packaging, I use cardboard boxes as these protect the jewellery but are also reusable and recycle-able.  I would love you to use them to post another item and keep them out of the recycling!

I reuse any bubble wrap I get through items sent to me to protect items.  I never buy new bubble wrap, it is best to keep reusing what has already been made, especially while so many people keep using it.  Hopefully it becomes less and less common.

For my fliers I use recycled paper.  I have stamps to decorate my boxes and remind you to reuse your boxes ;). Included in packages is a handmade paper note, polish cloth and little flier about me.

I always offer gift wrapping and a gift note for free - just ask me if you would like this for your jewellery.  I am currently using Fox and Fallows beautiful wrapping paper which compliments my work beautifully, can you see why I like it?  The ribbon is from India.

I also use my stamps to stamp paper bags for when I do markets.  I use my Mandala design and not my Logo so you can reuse the bag again for a gift.

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