Simple charm bracelet to necklace DIY


I love charm bracelets – the ultimate collection of memories of miniatures collected on your travels and gifted from friends and family. My only problem was, I never wore mine. It always got caught on things and was heavy around my wrist.

I decided to make it into a necklace that I would be more likely to wear!

It’s so simple, just get another bracelet that matches the original in link size, quite strong. Attach one end to the end without a padlock using the clasp.

For the other end, just loop it into the padlock to join it together! If you have a larger link chain then you can adjust the necklace to make it longer and shorter. Try to get as long a bracelet as you can, especially if you want it a bit longer than a choker. My bracelet is 17cm and I added a 21cm bracelet. That makes a choker length of 38cm. (For a guide, most short pendant chains are 45cm.)

If you have some basic jewellery tools you can simply use some chain and join it using jump rings as shown in my video here. You can also attach a jump ring at a point on the chain that you want to wear it shorter or longer, making an adjustable length necklace. You can also add old small necklace pendants to your charm bracelet that you don’t wear any longer using the same jump ring technique. Ideally use solid silver at least 1mm thick rings for strength and to avoid any allergic reactions.

Get in touch with me if you would like me to alter your charm bracelet to the exact length you need.

I am on a mission to get us wearing and upcycling our unworn jewellery, stopping pieces being forgotten at the bottom of our jewellery boxes or ending up in landfill. Get in touch if you have any challenges for me to repair or remake!

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