Thank you Brisbane for coming to say hello!

Thank you to everyone who came along and said hello at the BrisStyle markets this weekend at the Brisbane State Library.

It was lovely to be out selling my pieces in person and seeing what everyones favourites were.

I also loved seeing all the other awesome local sellers, great to get to know everyone in the short moments I could briefly leave my stall! There was so much sparkly, colour popping fun earrings - I will need to do another post of my favourites soon. I didn’t mange to see everyone so I will need to get along to a market when I am not selling one day.

Interesting to hear about everyones favourite places to shop handmade in Brisbane - please let me know where you think my work would suit in town.

 What do you think of my new images and poster? I am trying to get a little more information across but there is so much I want to say haha!

What info do you like to see when you are at a market?

I now know from going to markets with the boys how it is when you don’t have the luxury of time to stop and take everything in. It can be overwhelming too when there is so much lovely handmade items (especially for me who can never decide quickly!) That’s why I have been working hard on getting everything online also, so you have time to take it in and think about it.

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