Topaz - Birthstone for November


Best know for it's vivid blue tones.

Topaz and Citrine are the birthstones for November.


All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked. 


4mm round cabochon Blue Topaz pair.

4mm round cabochon Blue Topaz pair.

5mm square pyramid cabochon Blue Topaz pair.

Faceted marquise Blue Topaz pair, 8x4mm.

Faceted marquise Blue Topaz pair, 10x5mm.

Faceted marquise Blue Topaz pair, 13x7mm.

Faceted marquise Blue Topaz, 15x6mm.

Faceted marquise Blue Topaz, 12x6mm.

Faceted triangle Blue Topaz, 10mm.

Faceted triangle Blue Topaz, 11mm.

Faceted rounded rectangle Blue Topaz, 13x6mm.

Topaz is most commonly know in it's sky blue and inky "London Topaz" blue.  Other Topaz colours are pink, yellow and orange, which are all rare.  The most desirable colour is Imperial Topaz which is a lovely pink orange colour.
Blue Topaz gets it's colour from irradiating and heating colourless Topaz.  It very affordable due to it being quite easily found.
Topaz has a hardness of 8 but is prone to chipping - don't expose it to extreme temperature changes and ultrasonics.

Find out more about Topaz on the GIA website.

You can see all the Topaz jewellery I have with by selecting the Topaz filter in my shop

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