Tourmaline - Birthstone for October



Tourmaline, such a fun gemstone!

Tourmaline, as well as Opal are the birthstones for October.


As you can tell from the range of pieces I have, I love the colours and fun pieces you can get with Tourmalines!


Watermelon Tourmaline

Dark Green outside and juicy pink on the inside, just like the fruit!

*All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked. 

Watermelon Tourmaline slice pair, rose cut, 15mm, POA.

Triangle Watermelon Tourmaline Slice 17x19mm $300.


Rose cut freeform Watermelon Tourmaline triangle 17x14mm $210.

Watermelon slice, 18mm,  $200.

Two tone Watermelon Tourmaline oval cabochon 8x6mm green pink.

Hexagonal Watermelon Tourmaline Slice 8x7mm $90.

**It can be hard to get a sense of scale for these gemstones, please note the dimensions and I can provide further pictures of the gemstone on my hand for size reference.  I have tried my best to represent the colours accurately but many are more vibrant in person. **


Tourmaline  has one of the widest colour ranges of any gemstone - all tones of greens, blues, yellow, black, red and pink.  My favourite and the most commonly know are Pinks and Sea Greens.


Faceted Pink Tourmalines

Red Tourmalines are sometimes called Rubellite.

6mm round faceted dusty pink Tourmaline.

Oval faceted dusty pink Tourmaline, 9x7mm.

Small round faceted pink 2mm and 3mm peach Tourmaline pairs.

Lemon round faceted chequerboard top Tourmaline 5.5mm.

*Apricot oval faceted Tourmaline, 8x5mm.


Oval faceted pink orange Tourmaline, 9x7mm.

Two tone parti stripe oval faceted Red clear Tourmaline, 7x5mm.

Orange red oval faceted Tourmaline 6x5mm.

Red orange oval faceted Tourmaline, 9x7mm.

*Pear shaped faceted dusky pink Tourmaline pair, 7x5mm. 

Pale pink Tourmaline 9x4mm.

6mm round faceted hot pink Tourmaline, $90.

Bicoloured parti two tone pink peach Ascher cut Tourmaline, 7mm, $210.

 Peach Tourmaline rectangle faceted with pink two tone stripe end, 8x12mm, $230.

Pale peach pink emerald cut faceted Tourmaline 7x5mm, $140.

Two tone pink peach / dusky pink rectangle faceted Tourmaline, 12x5mm.

 Pink Tourmaline faceted rectangle, 13x6mm.

Two tone pink peach / dusky pink rectangle faceted Tourmaline, 11x6mm.

Hot pink Tourmaline faceted trilliant triangle pair, 6mm, $70.

Hot pink emerald cut rectangle faceted Tourmaline, 7x6mm, $150.

Hot pink Tourmaline marquise faceted pair, 7x4mm.


Tourmaline often comes in beautiful Parti two tone gemstones.  

Cabochon Pink Tourmalines

Raspberry pink oval cabochon Tourmaline, 9x7mm.

Pink peach Tourmaline oval cabochon, 10x14mm, $80.

Small oval hot pink Tourmaline cabochon pair, 6x4mm.

Medium light and dark pink Tourmaline round cabochons 7-8mm.

Assorted small round cabochon pink peach Tourmaline, 3-5mm.

Assorted small oval cabochon Pink Tourmalines, 5-8mm.

Marquise cabochon light and dark pink Tourmaline, 8-9x4mm.

Stunning statement marquise cabochon hot pink Tourmaline pair, 22x12mm, POA.

Marquise cabochon raspberry pink Tourmaline, 16x6mm, $70.

Hot pink Tourmaline triangle cabochon pyramid pair, 5mm.

Hot pink Rubelite Tourmaline pear shaped cabochons 8-9mm.

Hot pink square cabochon Tourmaline pair 7mm.

Rounded rectangle pink Tourmaline cabochon, 6x9mm, $40.

Peach pink two tone square cabochon Tourmaline pair, 12mm, $120.

Pink Tourmaline rectangle cabochon, 5x9mm, $40.

Pale peach pink square pyramid cabochon Tourmaline, 6mm.

Two tone Pink clear bi colour oval Tourmaline cabochon, 11x8mm $50.

Unique pink striped oval cabochon Tourmaline, 11x15mm.

Assorted sizes and colours of Pink Tourmaline oval cabochon on hand.

Square cabochon Pink Tourmaline 5-7mm on hand for scale.

Assorted Green and Pink Tourmaline triangle cabochons, 6-8mm.


Hardness of 7 - 7.5 makes it suitable for most jewellery, but needs care in rings.


Faceted Green Tourmalines

Unusual oval shape chequerboard top olive green Tourmaline, 12x8mm, $50.


Assorted small round mint green Tourmaline, 2.5, 3.5, 4mm.

 Long faceted rectangle green Tourmaline, 19x3mm.

Green Tourmaline chequerboard faceted rectangle, 11x8mm, $40.

Green Tourmaline marquise faceted small pair, 7x4mm.

Sea green Tourmaline faceted square, 5x4.5mm.

Rectangle faceted blue green Tourmaline, 9x6mm, $200.

Emerald cut blue green Tourmaline, 8x6mm, $200.

Rectangle faceted teal green Tourmaline pair, 4x4.5mm.


Cabochon Green and Yellow Tourmalines


Round cabochon yellow Tourmaline pair, 7mm.

Assorted pink, peach, champagne and honey Tourmalines 10-12mm, $40.


Peach Tourmaline Oval cabochon, 10x13mm, $70.

Larger oval cabochon Tourmalines, grey, lime, mint, sea green. 9-11mm. $40.

Oval Tourmaline cabochons assorted, grey, olive, sea green. 5-9mm.

Small size oval mint, grey, sea, yellow green Tourmaline cabochons, 5-8mm.

Grey Tourmaline oval cabochon 8x7mm.

Assorted round green tourmaline cabochon pairs, 2mm, 4mm, 6mm.

Unique rectangle cabochon dark green / mint green Tourmaline two tone pair, 12x8mm, $95.

Large oval cabochon teal green Tourmaline 9x12mm, $60.

Round blue green Tourmaline cabochon, 8mm, $50.

Oval sea green Tourmaline cabochon pair, 7x5mm.

Olive green flat rectangle slice Tourmaline, 14x18mm.

Sea green Tourmaline square cabochon on hand for scale, 5-8mm.

Apple green Tourmaline rectangle cabochon 5x10mm, $60.

Mint green Tourmaline triangle cabochon pair 9mm $340.

Sea green Tourmaline square cabochon pair, 6mm.

Paraiba blue Tourmaline square cabochon, 5x5.5mm.

Paraiba blue Tourmaline oval cabochons assorted, 6-7mm, $60.

Stunning statement marquise teal green Tourmaline pair, 10x28mm, POA.

Purple clear green bicolour rectangle cabochon Tourmaline pair, 20x11mm,  $140.

Paraiba Tourmaline is the name given to the rare vibrant blue Tourmalines, most often found in Brazil.



Fancy carved Tourmalines 

Purple lilac carved Tourmaline flowers, 7-12mm.

Hot pink carved Tourmaline flowers, 5-10mm.

Pale pink carved Tourmaline flowers, 6-12mm.

Carved ribbed half cylinder mint green Tourmaline pair, 13x9mm, $140.

Assorted green Tourmaline carved flower beads, 6-11mm.

Watermelon Tourmaline carved wings pair, green edge pink inside, 10x16mm, $60.

Lime green Tourmaline carved wings pair, 8x15mm, $40.

Hot pink peach centre carved wings Tourmaline pair, 10x14mm, $120.


Pink peach two tone rose cut freeform triangle pair, 7x10mm, $60.


Tourmaline Beads

Beautiful statement Watermelon Tourmaline beads, each one unique,13mm.

Tiny oval smooth pink Tourmaline bead strands, 4-6mm.


Freeform faceted Tourmaline beads in greens and pinks, 10-18mm.

Tiny sea Reen Tourmaline natural crystal prism beads, 5-8mm.

Tiny pear shaped faceted Tourmaline beads, graduated pink to yellow to green.

Pink Tourmaline roundel bead strand, 7mm.

Pastel coloured Tourmaline cylinder beads strands, 5x3mm.

Pale green to black graduated hexagon cylinder Tourmaline bead strands, 12-6x2mm.

Green Tourmaline roundel faceted beads, 8mm wide.


Tourmaline Crystals

Watermelon Tourmaline natural raw crystal prism, green and pink.

Uncut crystal prisms of Tourmaline, triangular, Green and Pink.

Black tourmaline rough uncut crystals, perfect triangular prism terminations.


Tourmaline grows as long slender crystals so gemstones are often cut to make the most of this shape. 

Find out more about Tourmaline on the GIA website.



Tourmilated Quartz

Tourmaline is also an inclusion in another very cool gemstone, Tourmilated Quartz.  Needle like black tourmaline inside the quartz give a beautiful gemstone.  I will post some of my collection one day but get in touch if you want to see more!





Find all the Tourmaline designs in on my website here.





 Beautiful talon claw set Ascher cut Peach Tourmaline  rose gold ring.  This piece is sold but you can chose a similar Tourmaline to make your own unique ring.



A stunning Watermelon Tourmaline set in a sterling silver claw setting with a Tourmaline bead necklace, for a custom order.


 A custom order pair of 9ct rose gold pink Tourmaline and Ruby Lotus earrings.


A custom order pair of claw set Watermelon Tourmaline silver earrings.


A custom order pair of silver earrings from a few years back using Watermelon Tourmalines.

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