Young Jewellers Group Bushfire Charity Auction

Bushfire charity Auction Young Jewellers Group
I am a member of a wonderful facebook group - Young Jewellers Group.  
They organised a charity auction to raise money for the devastating bushfires in Australia and I donated a couple of my jewellery pieces.
The auction is now closed but you can see the wonderful range of items that were donated on the Auction website.
Orange Sapphire silver lotus earrings
Thank you to the winning bidders of my two donated items.  Australia has really come together to support each other and help out in this extreme bushfire season.
Mandala moon silver delicate necklace
Many other wonderful initiatives have come from this difficult summer.  You can support these communities that lost so much and lost trade over the peak tourism times.
It's My Shout allows you to pay it forward and buy a coffee, meal or more for a local or just buy a virtual beer in the local pub to keep the doors open.
It's my shout
Spend with them features and highlights the many different businesses in need affected areas.
Spend with them Instagram page

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