Zircon - birthstone for December


Zircon - not to be confused with cubic zirconia!

Zircon is the birthstone for December.  Tanzanite and Turquoise are also birthstones for December.

All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked. 

6mm round red faceted Zircon pair.

6mm round dusty pink faceted Zircon pair.

5mm round burnt orange faceted Zircon pair.

5x4mm oval berry pink faceted Zircon pair.

5x4mm oval cognac light brown faceted Zircon pair.

7x5mm oval dusty pink faceted Zircon.

9x7mm oval dusty orange faceted Zircon. $45.

7x5mm oval pink faceted Zircon.

7x5mm oval merlot purple faceted Zircon.

6mm square cushion rusty peach faceted Zircon.

5mm square cushion chocolate brown faceted Zircon.

7x5mm oval pale straw faceted Zircon.

10x8mm oval green blue milky faceted Zircon. (surface flaw) $80.

8x6mm rectangle cushion hazy blue green faceted Zircon.


Red browns are the most common colours for Zircons - they come in a range of wonderful warm spicy tones, from pale browns to chocolate browns, rosewood pink with a tinge of brown and rich red brown Cinnamon colour. Green Zircons are rarer, blue Zircons can also be found.
Zircons are found in Sri Lanka and Australia amongst many other places.
Zircons have a hardness of 6 1/2 to 7. They are easily damaged by knocking against other jewellery.
Zircons have beautiful dispersion of light similar to Diamonds.  This makes them very sparkly with rainbow flashes of colour.  
In the past, Zircons were used as an inexpensive alternative to Diamonds due to these similarities.  Now man made Cubic Zirconias are used instead and this causes lots of misunderstanding about Zircon as a natural gemstone.
A really cool effect of Zircons high dispersion of light creates double lines when you look into the stone with a magnifier. 
Find out more about Zircon on the GIA website.

You can see all the Zircon jewellery I have with by selecting the Zircon filter in my shop






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