Emerald - Birthstone for May



The most well known Green gemstone.

Emerald is the birthstone for May.


All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked.

Emerald dark green with inclusions oval cabochon 7-8mm.

Small assorted round Emerald cabochons 3-4mm.


Grass green oval cabochon Colombian Emerald 7x5mm $250.

Trapiche Emerald oval cabochon $250 7x6mm.

Trapiche Emerald with large black hexagon oval cabochon $200 5x4.5mm.


Trapiche Emerald oval cabochon $120 5x4mm.

Emerald 4mm faceted beads, dark green and pale green.

Stunning pair of pear shaped Emerald cabochons, 10x6mm POA.

Emerald crystals natural hexagon shape 3-5mm across.

Oval elongated oval faceted pale green Emerald pair 7x3mm $50.

Pale green 6x5mm Pear shaped Emerald $40.


Elongated oval faceted pale Emerald 7x4mm $50.


I don't have a very large collection of Emeralds as I haven't visited an area where it is mined and it can get very expensive.    My partner was lucky enough to visit Colombia and he did bring me back a few very beautiful pieces!

It's quite a brittle gemstone due to it's inclusions (hardness of 7.5 -8).  You need to take great care of Emeralds.  An acceptable treatment for Emeralds is to oil them to enhance them (treatments must be disclosed though) Many things can affect the oil which will damage your Emerald.  Don't expose them to chemicals such as swimming pools.  Fracture filled Emeralds can even be damaged from the hot soapy water when washing the dishes.   Inclusions are accepted in Emeralds and not seen as a particular flaw, rather evidence of a natural Emerald rather than a Synthetic.  They are most often cut in cabochons or mimimal facets due to the sensitivity of the stone to knocks.   

It's crystal form is a hexagon, which also makes a really interesting Emerald when the crystal grows in a wheel shape called a Trapiche Emerald.

Emerald is a member of the beryl crystal family.  Emerald is the grass green colour, blues are Aquamarine and yellowish greens are Green Beryl.  It is argued amongst experts as to what defines an Emerald - light green colours may not be included.  The most desirable colour is a vivid grass green, a result of trace elements of Chromium in the gemstone.

 Find out more about Emeralds and their history on the Gemological Association of America website.

Emeralds really pop when combined with yellow gold.

You can see all the variations of Emeralds I have in my shop by selecting the Emerald filter.

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