Moonstone - Birthstone for June


A beautiful gem, which seems to glow from. 

Moonstone is the Birthstone for June as well as Pearl and Alexandrite.


All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked. 

Large Marqise Faceted Moonstone, 18x9mm.

Cushion cut faceted Moonstone, 10x10mm.

Rectangular Emerald cut Moonstone, 11x9mm.

Round Rose cut Moonstone, 8mm.

Faceted Pear shaped Moonstones, 9x6mm.

Oval Faceted Moonstone, 10x8mm.

Rectangle Emerald cut Moonstone, 8x6mm.

Marquise faceted Moonstone, 9x5mm.


Freeform Rose cut Moonstone slices, assorted sizes.

Assorted rectangular cabochon Moonstones, 10x8 - 20x10mm.

Oval cabochon Moonstone, 12x8mm.

Large Marquise Cabochon Moonstone, 20x10mm.

Assorted square cabochon Moonstones, 9 - 14mm.

Assorted Marquise cabochon Moonstones, 6x3mm - 14x6mm.

Square cabochon Moonstone Pair, 6x6mm.

Round cabochon Moonstone, 14mm.

Marquise, round and square cabochon Moonstone shown on finger.

Moonstone faceted roundel and round bead strands.


Moonstones are one of my favourite gemstones, I often feature them in my work.  I am fond of all gemstones that have magical light effects!

They are fairly soft, a hardness of 6 so you do need to be careful when wearing them in a ring as they will scratch.  They are also easy to break so be careful with your Moonstone pieces!  Never expose to high temperatures or put in an Ultrasonic.  It is a member of the Feldspar crystal group which also contains a few of my other favourites - Labradorite and Sunstone.

Sri Lanka is a large source of Moonstone so I was able to get many beautiful pieces there.  Most of these images fail to fully capture the beauty of the Moonstones so get in touch if you would like me to send a video!

It comes in opaque to clear grey, white and peach colours.  These reflect the light back in a cats eye shimmer effect.

The most desirable Moonstone is clear with an inner glow of blue shimmers.

Moonstone gets it's magical glow from an effect know as adularescence.  The light reflects on the different layers in the gemstone reminiscent of moonlight reflecting on water.


Peach Moonstone cabochon pair, 7x5mm.


Pear shaped cabochon Peach Moonstone, 8x5mm.

Large Oval Peach Moonstone cabochon, 20x10mm.

Grey Oval Cabochon Moonstone, 18x11mm.

Assorted Moonstone beads, round faceted, rectangular, freeform, oval and disc.

Large Marquise Grey Cabochon Moonstone, 23x12mm.


You can find out more about the Junes birthstones on the GIA website (Gemological Association of America)

For specific information about Moonstone click here.


You can see all the variations of Moonstones I have in my shop by selecting the Moonstone filter.















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