Peridot - Birthstone for August


Lime green in colour, Peridot is the birthstone for August.

If green is not really your colour, Spinel is an alternative birthstone for August.  


All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked. 

7mm round cabochon Peridots.

6mm round Peridot cabochons.

5mm round cabochon Peridots.

4mm Round Peridot cabochons.

3mm round Peridot cabochons.

4mm bullet shaped Peridot cabochons pair.

3mm and 4mm round Peridot bead strands.

6mm square cushion cut faceted Peridot.

 Carved Peridot flowers. 


A slightly softer gemstone, Peridot is 6 -7 in hardness.

Peridot looks stunning combined with yellow gold.

Find out more about the history of Peridot on the GIA website.


You can see all the variations of Peridots I have in my shop by selecting the Peridot filter.








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