Spinel - Alternative Birthstone for August


A lesser known gemstone gaining popularity as an affordable alternative to Ruby. I especially love it for it's black and grey tones.

Spinel is the birthstone for August as well as more commonly known Peridot.   

All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked. 

 Oval faceted berry purple 7x5mm Spinel.

7x4mm Oval faceted Spinel pair, berry purple.

6x5mm Oval faceted purple Spinel.

Assorted purple and blue purple oval faceted Spinel, 5-7mm.

5.5mm faceted Lilac purple square Spinel.

Small round faceted spinels, 2mm pale purple.

Red spinel natural crystals, octahedron, 2mm.

3mm round faceted purple Spinels.

Red Spinel faceted graduated bead strand.


Spinel is a great alternative to Peridot especially if you are not so keen on the lime Green colour of Peridot.  Spinel is available in a few different colours.

Until 150 years ago, Red Spinel was often mistaken as Ruby. Historically a few famous Rubies are actually Spinel.  Red Spinel is often called Rubelite which doesn't help with the confusion!

Spinel has a hardness of 8 is high, which makes it really durable and great for rings.

Most common colours are red, black, purple, blues and grey (becoming very popular).  Spinel is found in Sri Lanka so I collected a few while I lived there.

Rose cut round faceted black Spinel, 3 and 4mm.

Rose cut round faceted black Spinel, 5mm.

8x6mm emerald cut Black Spinel pair.

3 and 4mm faceted graduated round Black Spinel bead strands.


Spinel natural crystal in a perfect octahedron shape.


Find out more about Spinels and famous historical Spinels on the GIA website.


You can see all the variations of Spinels I have in my shop by selecting the Spinel filter.





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