Sapphire - Birthstone for September


The most colourful and durable gemstone.  Sapphire is most well know for it's rich Royal Blue colour. 

Birthstone for September

Sapphire is the gemstone available in the largest range of colours, all the colours of the rainbow!

Sapphire comes in Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, black and white.  True blood red colour is classified as Ruby.

Sri Lanka is most famous for the Ceylon Blue Sapphire found there but also has the beautiful Peachy Pink called Padparadscha, meaning Lotus in Sinhalese.  I was lucky to hand pick lots of special Sapphires during my time living there.


All these stones are available for custom orders.  Prices are included in standard designs unless marked. 


Blue Trilliant Sapphires faceted 3mm and 4mm.

6mm Blue Sapphire faceted Trillion. POA.

Marquise 6x3mm faceted blue sapphire pair. 

Oval faceted Blue Sapphire 4.5x3.5mm pair.

Rounded cushion cut Blue Sapphire 7x6mm POA.

Oval faceted Blue Sapphire 6x5mm POA.

Small round 3mm and 4mm blue Sapphire cabochons.

Oval cabochon blue striped Sapphire 8x6mm $75.

Colour zoning stripe show in Sapphire cabochon.

Blue Green striped Sapphire oval cabochons 6x4, 8x5mm.

Blue Sapphire Oval cabochon 7x5mm.

Oval Blue Sapphire Cabochon pair 5x4mm.

Large oval cabochon blue Sapphire with crystal growth inclusions 10x9mm.

Blue and yellow rose cut Sapphire freeforms.

Blue Sapphire graduated faceted bead strand.



Marquise faceted Green Sapphire pair 6x3mm.

Oval faceted Green Sapphire Pair 4x3mm.

Pale blue green Parti Triangle Sapphire 5x6mm.



Many Sapphires are also found in Australia and are often dark blue, greenish blue and beautiful two tone "Parti" Sapphires with colour zones of blue and yellow green.

Blue Stripes Yellow Parti Sapphire Rounded Rectangle 9x7mm.



Triangle Sapphires 4mm Pale Yellow, Tangerine, Orange.

3.5mm Square Tangerine Orange Sapphire Pair. $90.

Oval Yellow Sapphire Pair 5x3mm.

Canary yellow 4mm triangle faceted Sapphire pair.

Yellow oval Sapphire 5x4mm.

Canary Yellow Marquise Sapphire 10x5mm POA.

Parti Clear Sapphire with yellow centre, 8x4mm $90.

Rounded rectangle cushion faceted cut vivid yellow Sapphire 7x5mm visible inclusions $180.

Yellow and Orange faceted Sapphire bead strands.

Oval faceted Padparadscha peach pink Sapphire visible inclusions, 6x5mm $120.

Pale Peach pink rounded rectangle faceted Sapphire 7x6mm.

 Oval faceted pale yellow Sapphire 7x6mm $200. 

Emerald cut Mandarin Sapphire faceted 8x5mm POA.

6x5mm Asymetrical Peach Tangerine Triangle Sapphire $120. 

Diamond shaped Peach Sapphire 6x4mm.

Marquise faceted Orange Sapphires 9x5mm.

Orange Red Oval faceted Sapphire Pair 5x4mm. $250.

Small 4mm round orange and yellow Sapphire cabochon pairs.


Is it a Sapphire or is it a Ruby?  Ruby and Sapphires are both from the same mineral, Corrundum.  Rubies are the blood Red varieties with the trace inclusion of Chromium.




Oval Hot Pink faceted Sapphire 6x4mm Pair POA.

Hot pink cushion cut Sapphire 5x6mm $180, Rectangle Pink 5x4mm $130.

4mm Pink faceted trilliant Sapphire pair. 

5x4mm faceted hot Pink Sapphire trilliant $80.

Pale Pink Asymetrical Triangle faceted Sapphire, 8x6mm.

Oval faceted pale pink Sapphire 6x5mm.

Hot pink oval faceted Pink Sapphire 7x5mm POA.

Two tone stripe parti pink Sapphire oval cabochon 7x6mm $80.

Pink oval Sapphire cabochon 6x5mm.

Pale purple oval faceted Sapphire 7x5.5mm $90.

Pink Sapphire faceted bead strand.

2mm round faceted Sapphires, green, purple, pink, red, peach.

Pale Purple Emerald cut Sapphire 6x4mm $80.

Oval cabochon purple and pale purple Sapphires 8mm, 6x5mm.

Purple Sapphire Pair Oval 5x3mm.



2.5mm round faceted Sapphires - Green, Blue, Violet, Purple, Pink, Peach, Orange, Yellow.

3mm Round faceted Sapphires- Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow. (not shown pale pink, peach pink, lilac, light blue.)

3.5mm Round Faceted Sapphire - Green, Blue, Purple, pale blue]ue, Orange Red, Pink.

**I have tried my best to represent the colours accurately but some do not always show true to life.**

 I can send further pictures and a video if needed.  This is a selection of what I have, let me know if you are looking for a particular colour or shape Sapphire.  



Silk inclusions within the hexagonal crystal structure cause the beautiful and magical 6 ray star reflection under a single light source.

Black Star Sapphire Oval cabochon under diffused light 8x6mm.

Black Sapphire with golden sheen under direct light showing star.

White Star Sapphire Oval cabochon under diffused light 7x6mm $70.

White Sapphire under direct light showing star.

Dark blue Star Sapphire Oval cabochon under diffused light 10x8mm.

Dark blue Sapphire under direct light showing star.

Pale blue grey Star Sapphire Oval cabochon under diffused light 10-7mm $80.

Pale blue grey Sapphire under direct light showing star.





Synthetic Colour changing Sapphire Green to Purple 5mm triangle pair POA.


Synthetic oval colour changing Sapphire Blue Green to purple flashes, pair.  POA.


Sapphire is one of the hardest gemstones, with a hardness of 9.

Sapphire are often heat treated to intensify the colour.


You can find out more about Sapphire on the GIA website (Gemological Association of America)


You can see all the variations of Sapphires I have in my shop by selecting the Sapphire filter.

Sterling silver Purple Lotus studs.



9ct Rose gold claw set cushion cut Peach Sapphire ring.



Oval Purple Sapphire bezel set 14ct white gold ring. (Custom made to order with your choice of Sapphire colour and metal).



Silver Peacock pendant with Blue Sapphire and Green Tourmaline feathers.



Pink Sapphire tiny starburst silver studs.



Oval Blue Sapphire 9ct yellow gold sunburst studs.



Padparadscha Sapphire Silver Lotus fitted ring Set



 Blue Sapphire tiny silver nose stud. (Available in all colours and metals)




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