Starting tools for jewellery repairs

If you are keen to start making basic jewellery and do simple repairs at home, here are some suggestions of tools to start with and places to learn!

Basic starter tools:

Chain nose pliers - small tips, comfortable in hand and flat smooth inside.  Ideally two pairs so you can hold the item securely.  The second pair can be a larger normal pair you may already have.

Round nose pliers - for forming loops.

Glues - Araldite Ultra clear / 5 min (or 24 hour if you need more time to put the pieces together, you will need to support it during setting time though). From supermarkets and Bunnings.  To glue on pearls, glue in gemstones, all kinds of repairs!

Cutters - Fine flat on one side helps you get into small spaces.  Don’t use to cut steel or you will ruin them.

You can buy pliers through me that are a good quality.


Places to buy jewellery supplies in Canberra:

Bead Barn - in person shop, Does lessons

Gold Creek - 18 O'Hanlon Pl, Canberra, ACT, Australia, 2913

Spotlight and Dollar shops often have good basic findings


Online suppliers: I haven’t ordered from these companies but they seem to have a good selection and are Australian based.


Online to learn beading basics (American company) 

A good book: The basics of bead stringing by Debbie Kanan


Online to learn goldsmithing jewellery making: (lots of free videos)


Canberra Jeweller

For repairs, laser welding and silver smithing classes.

Venetia Major Bespoke Jewellery, Victoria Street, Hall.


Find some of my other tips here:


More specialised tools I might have mentioned:

Kintsuglue  / Surgu - for any rubber / flexible type repairs.

Superglue or nail polish - to secure knots.

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