Tutorial videos for DIY Silver Pearl Bracelet

These videos are all based on my DIY Silver Pearl Bracelet Kit.

You can also use these for ideas on making your own designs based on what you already have at home.

What's included in the kit:

18cm oval strong chain

Lotus Mandala Charm

8 x natural white freshwater pearls 7-4mm

10 x silver wire lengths for the pearls

1 x clasp and jump ring.

(One pearl will be provided started as an example)

What you will need:



-CUTTERS (not essential but limits the designs)

You can use non jewellery Pliers - see my video below for an example of me using normal pliers.  I also tested using tweezers and a toothpick, which can be done but is not as easy!  I have included a few links to places you can buy pliers online at the bottom.

NOTE - I am left handed so you may want to use the opposite hand to me if you are right handed!  This is also my first video tutorial so I would love your feedback on how you found the videos to follow.  Also email with any questions, problems and things that need further explaining and better images.



1. Kit contents and basic bead wire shape.

Thread the wire through a bead, placing it roughly in the middle.  Holding the bead in one hand, also try to hold the other end of the wire with your fingers to keep it in place.  Use the round pliers to hold the wire a few millimetres from the end.  Grip the wire firmly but not too tight or you will mark the silver.  Push the wire around the pliers, rotating the bead rather than the pliers.  Make a full circle with the wire, with a tail overhanging by approx 4mm.  Repeat for the other side.  There are a couple of extra wires in case you need.


 Alternative making a loop without having the bead.


2. Tighten a loose bead.

If your bead is not quite tight on the wire, hold one of the loops with your pliers and twist around a little bit further.  Use this also if the tail on your loop is not quite long enough to bend around or your loop is too big.



3. Putting together the bracelet.

Once you have completed all the beads, you can start putting your design together!  Using the loops thread one bead onto the Lotus Mandala.  To put the pieces exactly opposite, on one side loop into the small petal and a large petal on the other side.  If you want a simple bracelet like I sell in my shop, add the chain to the other side of the Pearl bead.  If you want to add more pearls do this now.  You can put together the design then test how it looks on your wrist.  You can rearrange the design until you are happy with it.

Once you have the finalised design, measure it on your wrist to see what length you would like it.  Remember it will be a little bit longer once you add the clasp.  Cut the same amount of links off either side to keep it even (if you like symmetry!).

Don't cut it to length until you have the design you like as adding and taking away beads will change the length.

Simple design with just one Pearl either side of the Mandala.  Also available to buy.

Small large small pearl combination bracelet design.



4. If you want to add pearls in the chain.

You can cut the chain and add the pearls through the bracelet if you like.  There should be a little extra length if you try this and don't like it.  But remember, once you cut the chain you can't make it longer.  So do one section at a time.

I suggest starting with three links, so cut the fourth link using your cutters.  Then loop the design together as before, rearranging until you are happy with the design.

Pearls spaced three links apart through the chain.



5. Adding the clasp and jump ring.

Take the jump ring and hold it with your flat pliers on one side of the join.  Then the other pair on the other side.  The key element here is to twist the two sides in opposite directions to open and close it.  This keeps the jump ring in a perfect circle shape.  You can push both sides together at the same time as twisting them if the jump ring is still has a little gap, you want the two ends to line up perfectly.  You can twist the ring a little bit further than you need when closing as the silver has a very slight spring to it so will spring back into place.  Adjust until it lines up.

Repeat on the other end of the chain with the smaller jump ring for the clasp.  There is less metal to work with here so hold the jump ring close to the join.  Then have the clasp, chain and put the other pliers on the jump ring remaining on the other side of the join.

You can even skip the large jump ring and just close the bracelet by linking it into the chain, this way you can wear the bracelet tighter or looser.




6. Finishing the bracelet.

Once you have the design you are happy with and the correct length to fit you, it it time to finish the bracelet!

You need to close all of the loops on the beads, securing them closed and tucking away the ends of the wire that may scratch you when worn.

To do this, hold the loop using the flat pliers and with your fingernail push the wire tail away using the loop as leverage.  First bend just a bit more than a right angle.  You can hold onto the tail end with another pair of pliers if you don't have nails but it can be a bit of a tight squeeze.  Then you can use the pliers to close the wire all the way around by pushing on the tail end and loop and squeezing them closed.  You may be able to do this with your nails.  If the wire goes up, push it down as close into the bead again as you can and tighten again.

Using your nail where possible stops the Pearl getting scratched by the pliers - be very careful of this.

Repeat this for all the tail ends on your bracelet.

Congratulations, you now have a brand new Bracelet!  I would LOVE you to send me a picture of the bracelet you made!  Or tag me on Instagram :)


Cutting a wire tail that is too long.



Closed the loops but really want to change your design?

You have a couple of spare wires - either cut the closed loop off and use a new wire or try to undo the closed loop. 



Can I use non jewellery pliers?

I tried here, and it works, but the loops are a little bit more difficult to form.  You may also want to use a little masking tape on the pliers to stop them marking the silver and pearls.

Can't get your hands on any pliers? Using a pair of tweezers and a toothpick to make the bracelet!


Trouble shooting

Making the loop circular, closing a loop that's open, what to do about a broken wire and how to take the pearl off a broken wire.



You can buy flat nosed chain pliers in Bunnings or a Dollar shop. For Round nosed pliers (Rosary) you will probably need to buy them from a bead shop or Spotlight. The prices range from $5 - $20 generally.

Plier set at Spotlight for $17:


The best quality pliers close together tight and have a smooth finish.  A box joint is also stronger (where the pliers slot inside each other like in the pictured pairs).  My favourite pair in the video are slightly smaller and much more comfortable in my hands (12cm long).  They come to a very small even point.  If they have a strong spring between the handles it can be more tiring for your hands too.







Don't throw away any left over pieces!  All extra pieces can be used again in a future project or send them back to me and I can recycle the scraps!  

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