Clasped Online Exhibition with JMGQ


This is the second Exhibition I participated in with JMGQ, in July 2020.

The title for this Exhibition was "Clasped"

I had an idea in my mind to create a clasp that closed around the gemstone pendant.  I wanted to do something based on a T-bar style clasp.  The idea in my head proved more difficult to execute but it was extremely satisfying to get it working!  I love the challenge of pushing my design and problem solving skills.  I definitely plan on developing this clasp style for some future designs.

It also sparked a few other design ideas featuring beautiful gemstones!


You can see all the pieces made by other members on JMGQ in the Gallery section of the website under "Clasped"

You can buy a simple pendant variation of this design in Moonstone or Amethyst in my shop here.

The first JMGQ online Exhibition I participated in was 'Show me your Pins"

You can see more about the process and inspiration for the piece I made by clicking on the image.

Celtic Pennannular brooch

The third exhibition was "Movement and Motion"

Movement and motion silver sunstone moth pendant


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