Movement and Motion JMGQ Online Exhibition

The final online Exhibition I participated in with JMGQ was titled "Movement and Motion"

My inspiration starting point was these Art Deco earrings I made for my wedding in 2010.  I always loved them and planned on developing a few more pieces in a similar style

I originally intended on doing more petals but I couldn't manage to fit them in the way I designed the piece.  That's a piece for next time!


I called my piece "Moth to a flame" As it looks like one of the many beautiful Australian moths and I love the sparkly fire like Sunstone belly.


The reverse of the piece that reminds me of a Cat 😂

The view from end on.


You can see all the other pieces made by other JMGQ members in their Gallery section under "Movement and Motion"


I put together my first little stop motion video of all the different positions the wings can be worn in.

See my other pieces for the other Exhibitions

'Show me your Pins"




You can see more about the process and inspiration for the piece I made by clicking on the image.




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