What is your Birthstone?

Do you what your birthstone is?

I have put together a list of all the different birthstones for each month, including alternatives.
I also have links to blog posts about each months birthstone where you can see the different colours and types of gemstone I have available for custom orders.
I love to collect the unusual gemstones, with interesting colours, shapes and natural inclusions.  These gems have much more personality are are often more affordable.


January - Garnet 

Comes in wine red, raspberry red, grass green and mandarin orange!  It especially looks great with oxidised (blackened) silver or yellow gold.

February - Amethyst 

From pale purple to Royal purple, you can also get Mint green Amethyst.  Ametrine is also a bi coloured stone with Amethyst and Citrine in the same stone.


March - Aquamarine 

From Pale mint green to Baby blue, I especially love milky opaque (not see through) Aquamarines.

April - Diamond 

There are so many different options for Diamonds, for any budget these days!  From the traditional clear, to champagne, salt and pepper, black, cognac, yellow and if you want to splurge - pink Diamonds!  I love diamonds with some personality, especially cut in a old rose cut style.


May - Emerald 

Pretty much just Green for Emeralds!  But you can get pale green to dark green.  There are also Trapiche Emeralds - where the crystal has grown in a wheel structure and creates an incredible Black star in the centre.

June - Pearl

Pearls come in pale pink, cream, white, grey, black and golden.


June - Moonstone

Moonstones are a magical stone that has glowing flashes of Blue on a white base.  You can also get Peach and Grey moonstones with a cats eye effect. 

June - Alexandrite

Alexandrite is one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones, but for a good reason!  A beautiful Alexandrite can change from bluish green in daylight to purplish red with inside lights.

July - Ruby 

Varying shades of bright pink red, my favorite are Star Rubies which show a six ray star under a direct light and have purple to pink base colours - often with cool crystal inclusions.


August - Peridot

Peridot is a lime green colour, not one I often go for but I discovered recently it looks beautiful in yellow gold!


August - Spinel

Spinels are not that well know but come in a lovely variety of colours in shades of pink,  purple and blue and even black.

September - Sapphire

Lucky September born people get a rainbow of colours to choose from when it comes to Sapphires!  The classic Cornflower Blue for the Ceylon Sapphire, Pink, purple, white, peach, yellow and green!  Australian Sapphires come in bold blues and yellow greens - when the two are in the one stone it is a party Sapphire!  There are also Star Sapphires which show a six ray star under a direct light and have white grey to dark blue base colours - often with cool crystal inclusions.


October - Opal

Ah Opals, I didn't fall in love with them until I moved to Australia - white base with a rainbow of colour flashes, dark base with greens and blues, jelly opals which are clear with colour flashes and boulder opals where the opal is still on the Ironstone rock in beautiful details.


October - Tourmaline

Tourmalines are a favourite of mine - they come in hot pink, yellow, peachy, and sea green and rarely blue.  Watermelon tourmalines are the triangular crystal shape, with a Green outside and pink inside - so fun!


November - Citrine

Citrine comes in pale yellow to rich honey yellow, beautiful in gold.


November - Topaz 

Topaz is most commonly found in Pale blue to baby blue and more rarely in Pale yellows.


December - Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a fabulous stone, from bold purple blue to pale violet.

December - Zircon

Zircons are a wonderfully sparkly gemstone, lesser known (and not to be confused with Synthetic Cubic Zirconia) Comes in pale champagne browns, beautiful rose browns to spicy reds and browns, even some greens.

December - Turquoise 

 Turquoise can be solid blue to green with lots of brown crazing.

All the birthstones shown together

These gemstones are available to be made to order as Lotus pendants - in Sterling silver, 9ct rose gold and yellow gold.  You can also make them as rings or earrings too.

Lotus flower silver pendant all birth months

Emerald 9ct Lotus flower pendant 

Lotus Charm Collection

I also have simpler Lotus charm pieces available in silver and gold with birthstone beads attached.  These come in earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Silver Lotus birthstone charms all birth months

Citrine 9ct solid rose gold Lotus Pendant

Black Diamond 9ct solid yellow gold Lotus hoops

Amethyst silver bracelet

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