Gemstones for made to order

This is a small selection of the gemstones I have available for made to order pieces.  

The pieces can be made in any design and gold or silver, how and where they are laid out is just for inspiration.

You can see more in the individual gemstone blog posts I have written.



I have done a blog series featuring each months Birthstones, each post features gemstones available for custom orders. Find out more about each gemstone, including all the classics.   Go direct to your favourite gemstone:

Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald.

Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Pearl, Moonstone, Peridot, Spinel, Opal, Tourmaline, Topaz, Citrine, Tanzanite, ZirconTurquoise, Labradorite and Included Quartz.

Square shaped loose faceted pale peach pink sapphires

Square shaped Peachy Pink Sri Lankan Sapphires

Peachy pink sapphires faceted on hand

Pale Peach Pink Faceted Sri Lankan Natural Sapphires

Marquise shaped loose orange sapphires faceted

Marquise shaped Orange Sapphires

Oval pink tourmaline cabochons loose

Oval Pink Tourmaline Cabochons

Square cabochon loose pink tourmaline gemstones

Pink Square Cabochon Natural Tourmalines

Pink brown tourmaline cabochons loose

Dusty Pink Tourmaline Round Cabochons

Marquise rose cut diamond

Marquise Rose Cut White Diamond

Pear shaped rose cut diamond

Pear shaped white rose cut Diamond

Rose cut white diamond

Round Rose cut Diamond

Pink purple natural sapphire cabochons

Pink and Purple round Sapphire cabochons

Purple round sapphire cabochon

Purple round cabochon Sapphire

Pear shaped Tanzanite Cabochon loose

Pear shaped cabochon Tanzanite

Pear shaped Sunstone

Marquise shaped Sunstone

Close up detail of the beautiful sparkling inclusions of sunstone.

Milky blue oval Aquamarine

Pear shaped milky blue green Aquamarines

Marquise shaped Aquamarine

Australian Opal blue free form doublets

Drop shaped Australian Opal doublet with gold lotus

Blue green Australian opal doublets with silver lotus

Statement large round Labradorite, beautiful green blue flashes.

Labradorite Marquise shaped cabochons, with blue and green flashes

Beautiful Marquise shaped Labradorite with gold Lotus detail

Light pink red oval faceted Ruby pair

Star rubies under a direct light showing the 6 rayed star

Marquise and oval star rubies without a direct light

Beautiful oval and round Ruby cabochons from Myanmar

Stunning unique star Ruby with beautiful hexagonal crystal inclusions

Purple large star Ruby under a direct light showing 6 ray star

Large oval Ruby cabochon from Myanmar

Rose cut faceted free form opaque Rubies

Round 5mm Ruby cabochon in rose gold setting on sun ring

Marquise shaped cabochon Rainbow Moonstones with blue flashes

Marquise shaped Rainbow Moonstone with yellow gold lotus detail

Large statement round Rainbow Moonstone

Pink purple faceted pear shaped Rhodolite Garnet

Amethyst, Aquamarine and Emerald faceted pear shapes

Pair of beautiful faceted pear shape Garnets

Marquise shaped Turquoise in blues and greens

Beautifully veined rectangular green turquoise pairs

Some fun gem arrangements while designing a piece for a customers star sapphires

Oval cabochon Sunstone

Strawberry Quartz oval - red sparkly inclusions

Round cabochon opaque blue Aquamarine

Peach moonstone, Pink Opal, Aquamarine, Tourmaline and Aventurine beads in all different shapes 

Sparkly Grey Diamond beads

Large Grey Natural Pearls

SOLD - Watermelon Tourmaline triangle cabochon pair

Unusual Tourmaline rectangular cabochon pairs

Beautiful stripy carved light Green Tourmaline cylinder pair

Tourmilated Quartz rectangular cabochon.  Black lines in clear Quartz

Magical Rainbow Lattice Sunstone from Australia with stunning orange and black triangular inclusions

Beautiful matching Trapiche Emerald Pear cabochon pair from Colombia